What’s Really at Stake When We Get into a Relationship with a Non-Christian

Clearly, this blog is for Christians, Christ-followers, believers. It contains hard truth. My husband blogged about 3 Questions You Need to Ask before Entertaining a Non-Christian Suitor and it would be great if you read it as well. Before anything else, let me submit to you that the Bible is crystal clear about this matter and 100%… Read More What’s Really at Stake When We Get into a Relationship with a Non-Christian

Lest We Drift

Have you ever missed out on something important? What was the feeling? Probably frustration, regret and the like. In my house, it happens a lot. When I am doing something, the kids go quiet, and there I discover that they’ve done something unlikely. Other times even when I am watching them, I blink, and something… Read More Lest We Drift

Hands-on Dad

A hands-on mom is always expected. I have never encountered a mother who have not changed the diapers, gave a bath, or fed her little one. But a dad who isn’t hands-on is very common in our society. Perhaps the weight of responsibility for security and financial provision is already enough burden for fathers, that… Read More Hands-on Dad


Two weeks ago, I was given the privilege to speak to women youth leaders of my home church Victory Malate during a breakout session at a camp held in Laguna. It was purposed to be a teaching time about the challenges a young woman leader would face regarding specific issues. One word that we tackled… Read More Predecisions.