How I Turn My Husband’s World Upside-down

Okay, these are the things that doesn’t make my husband a favor, but not necessarily annoy him, I believe. Being a wife is like being a student or an observer of your husband. It’s called the husband.o.logy, I made that up.

In marriage, it doesn’t actually take a lot of skill for you to know what your husband likes and dislikes.

In the span of 2 sweet months, here are my observations on how I turn my husband’s world upside-down.

When I…

A. …DON’T brew coffee in the morning

B. tickle his nose when he’s falling asleep

C. eat doritos, piatos, nagaraya and all sorts of food with crumbs…in bed

D. whine. Unfortunately, I learned that adults whine.

E. repeat my sentences over and over again, and again, and again, and again. And again.

F. leave my cardigan or sweater on the couch

G. become suuuuuuper doooper overlyyyyyy makuleeet when he’s preparing for a talk or a preaching

H. mess with the mac

I. don’t sweep the floor full of hairfalls!!!

J. cry…hehehe

Disclaimer: Unfavorable acts are not the same with disrespectful acts toward your husband.

I have 10 for now. If you are married, do your own study as well! It’s fun.



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