10 Must-haves When In A Relationship

I will just plainly state what I have in mind and what helped me and Daniel in our courtship, building, in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, engaged and even now as a married couple.

Fear of God. It is the beginning of wisdom. The world has its own wisdom, you have to decide from the very start WHO your relationship is gonna serve. God? Or something else?

God at the center. Otherwise, it will become self-centered. This is a dead end, you’ll see yourself and the other person broken after a few failures and frustrations, even after few pleasures. Go for a God-centered relationship.

Bible and prayer. Have a Godly standard. What does the Bible say about sexual immorality? How about kissing? Sleep-overs?

Communication. Communication is not just what you say but what you don’t say. Have a weekly date! Ask each other questions, silly and serious ones. 😉

Community/friends. Surround yourself with Godly people. Your relationship is not just about you and your partner. It’s about God using you and your partner affecting the community and even societies and even nations! Don’t get trapped by the you-and-me cycle. That’s selfish.

Mission statement. This will make your priorities clear. You are together for a purpose. What do you value?

911. This is important!!! 911 is what we call a married couple whom you’ve chosen to contact in case of emergency. And yes, this is the couple whom you have agreed to “break-in-case-of-emergency.” We use this when me and Daniel can no longer settle our issue and we need help at that moment. Choose a MARRIED couple, why? Because they have gone through what you are going through, most probably. 911 is very useful not just for starters but even for long-been-married couples.

Journal. Take down notes of your learnings and dreams in the season where God has placed you.

Camera. Capture memories!

Me-time! I would say this is crucial. Have time for yourself. Go somewhere, spend time with God, spend some time alone. Beware that your life revolves around your partner’s life that you quit your personal and individual growth already. It’s when you’re not happy anymore everytime your partner is not around. Its like you two ALWAYS HAVE TO BE together??? It’s when you have placed your security on your partner already instead of being secure in God. Yikes.

Hope this helps 😉


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