Summer 2012

Just when I thought that summer was here. Just when I thought my husband’s schedule won’t be full.

I thought wrong.

It’s been a long time no-bloggin’ and I, bilang may jet lag lang, am taking this opportune time to blog and pour out my thoughts.

I got too much excited when summer was coming because;

1. I just got into my new job (still a dentist) but with a more flexy schedule, which is much appropriate for me, personally, being fully convinced of my calling as a wife, homemaker and minister – more time for husband, home and people.

2. Since my husband is pastoring the youth, I somehow had the assumption that he’s gonna have a less packed schedule because most of the students are in their summer vacations, except La Salle people of course.

What I jumped into this Summer:

1. An overnight in Caliraya with Lifebox Fort – That Friday Thing- Camp.

2. A 3-day hiking in…JUST KIDDING. A 3-day youth camp in Caliraya this time with Lifebox Malate (Rawwr!!!) – I shall have a separate blog on this!!! (bright idea)

3. Lifebox Summit 2012 in H2O Hotel (and thats a rawwr, too!!!) Even though I was only able to attend the first day, it was worth it! I have my notes full for the Pastors’ Wives session and I shall share it soon.

Additional gigs:

4. Two hospital visits for my Tito who had a head surgery.

5. I missed my niece Olivia’s birthday party in Ilocos (sched was jam-packed already).

6. A wedding! Jermaine and Celeste’s wedding, very nice and sweet, a powerful preaching by Pastor Nixon. It was such an honor to be a part of their entourage with my husband.

7. A double date with Adora and Jason, one of our closest friends.

8. A 20-day US trip from mom and dad.

At the end of the day, did I love God more? Events are just events but they are meant to draw us closer to God. Our schedule was full but it was also full of meaning. I wouldn’t mind hiking in Caliraya again (if you’ve been to Caliraya you know what I mean when I say everyday hiking) just to see changed lives of young people because of a genuine encounter with God. I love God more, I love my husband more, I love people more!!!!!


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