My “Level Up” Youth Camp Experience, Behind The Scenes

It was my FIRST, ever, youth camp in my entire life so I am blogging this in a reaaally personal way. Here are the highlights.

1. I did not wake up to my alarm clock at 4 AM. Good thing my husband’s niece KC, who slept over our house for this early thing, knocked on our bedroom at around 4:20 AM. We made it right on time at the meeting place.

2. Russell Cruz and Teresa Geronimo got to be the bus masters. Dream come true. Everyone show your thumb prints or else, you’re out of the bus and into the blazing furnace.

Going back to the highlights,

1. On our first stopover, husband allowed me to buy a Venti dark mocha frappuccino. Wooow…this is gooood. This is reaaalllly good. *wide eyes, big smile showing 12 teeth* I’m so blessed to have this friend for a husband. Yeah!

2. I got to be the Convicted Cell Officer during the amazing race. I realized that games do not just show competence but also real issues of character and integrity. Chams Pagulayan, the amazing race master, was very wild and youthful in thinking.

3. I watched the students enjoy the famous Caliraya mudslide. I really wanted to try it except I wanted to try it with Aileen Cavas and Perci Paras in their fashionista outfits. I saw Paul Catungal enjoy every bit of the mudslide.

4. The 3 sessions were intense. We had Pastors Daniel Trinidad, Nixon Ng and Dan Monterde as speakers on sessions 1 to 3 respectively. The camp was brought about by a central theme- leveling up in your relationship with God, with people, in your campus and in the world.

5. The camp was a good avenue to teach, build up and encourage the youth in their pursuit of Godliness and that God has planned the best, THE BEST, for their lives. Each has a great calling and destiny set by the God they serve.

6. I stood in awe of the scene where students received the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the span of 3 days see a change. Of course, change isn’t overnight. But really, the shy becomes confident (batang mahiyain, I wasn’t able to take note of his name), the talented becomes confident (Benz Felices), the ma-comment becomes confident too (Paul Munoz).

7. Campus Ministers Kriscel Papa and Sean Soriano do the “Go, Go, Pow-Orangers.” I think I should suggest them doing it in U-Night together.

8. It was great bonding with my gorgeous friend Aileen Cavas over coffee. *tumbling*

9. We had goody bags and we were to give lollipop to the person you wanna get to know more, marshmallow for a “thank you” and I forget the rest of the mechanics. This is if I am not mistaken and have not jumbled the coordination of candies. I wanna get to know Joyce dela Pena more, I hope to have a date with her soon. Also Honey del Villar.

10. I overheard La Salle people, Kara, Angel and Roxy, saying PRAAAMIS! in their not-so-conyo kind of way. They were trying VERY hard in speaking kalye which I find very cute.

11. God impressed in my heart that I have fears. The fear of stepping out of my comfort zone is one. Fear should not be tolerated but rather, submitted to God. Fear keeps us from moving, but we are meant to soar in faith in God. The beauty of faith is that it keeps you moving even when you don’t see anything. It’s the assurance of things unseen. With fears submitted, I’m sure that God will cause me to obey His calling and destiny for my life.

I have a lot to share pa but it’s gonna be too long na to read. So there, see you in the NEXT YOUTH CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!












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