A Level Up Camp True Story

For a first-time camper and a first-time camper-wife, HERE is a true story.

Setting: Room A12, Caliraya Recreational Center [May 15, 2012]

young Husband (H): Love, wala ba akong deodorant?
young Wife (W): Uhm, wala ba? *looks at husband in the eye* oh my gosh hindi ko nadala!!!

Wife remembers something.
W: Tapos love nakalimutan ko din yata magdala ng medyas? *puppy eyes*
H: aah… Oo napansin ko nga

H: Wala na ba akong pants or shorts aside from this?(referring to what he is wearing)
W: *proudly* meron!!! You have the blue…
H: Pangbasketball ko yan
W: …shorts pantulog
H: …
W: and board shorts! In case you decide to swim.
H: Wala nakong pangsessions? Pangdinner?
W: Uhm. Wala na. Sorry love. Sige love kahit ung board shorts na lang muna gamitin mo, nice naman eh.
H: *Abruptly asserts* Butas yan.
W: huh??!!! Hindi ah! *wife checks it* huh bakit butas toh?? Sige tatahiin ko na lang.

W: Uh, love di ba you need internet? Gusto mo kuha nako ng internet from the front desk?
H: Cge.

*Wife leaves room, runs for her life.*

To this date, young husband and young wife are happily married.


*Maalaala Mo Kaya theme song plays*


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