Vintage-ish {keepsakes}

I’ve had this bag for 6 years already. My dad gave it to me. I have not used it for a year now and it has been kept in the closet for that time. When I took it out, I was surprised to see somehow a vintage-looking, barbie-ish and too teeny bag for me. However, I like the new totality of its look- vintage.

Petal cuts and rainbow zips.



I like the goldy chain and the heart accent.


The total look! VINTAGE.20120607-130002.jpg

It’s not bad to like material things but the Bible says not to set our hearts on earthly things but on things above. God is a Father and His heart is to bless us, and yes that includes material things! But it should not be our primary focus and purpose in life- to accumulate things. We should learn to be content and appreciate what we have.

I am so excited to use this bag again as if it’s new. How about you, what’s in your closet?


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