How To Make Good Testimonies

As Christians, we are so eager to make good testimonies. I believe it is innate in our hearts to have a vision of us having a “testimony” to tell someday and somehow. So we do whatever we can, sometimes with our own terms and efforts to make good testimonies. Well, we can try harder but any testimony that is of human effort will not reach the nations, maybe not even your neighbor.

When we become too much consumed with building a good testimony rather than pleasing God, we end up getting frustrated.

We are missing the point when we equate good testimonies with=

  • good name/reputation
  • good image
  • acceptance and approval from people

We may think that in trying to make good testimonies, we are pleasing God. But pleasing God for the wrong reasons and the wrong motives is NOT pleasing God at all. And trying to build testimonies with our own efforts will not build testimonies at all.

Testimonies come from God. Absorb this in your heart and with all your soul. Be secure. When we become too much consumed with building testimonies, we forget that God allows trials to mold and hone us. He even allows mistakes (and may it not be used as a license to sin) for Him to build our character.

Conclusion is, do not get weary in making good testimonies. GOD is committed in cultivating you into a GREAT TESTIMONY.

Testimonies reach the nations and the hearts of the people. Moreover, testimonies are not just “said.” If you just focus in Him, you will be, definitely and certainly, a walking testimony flesh and blood. You are meant to reach nations and hearts through Him.

“Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?” ~Book of Galatians 3:3

4 thoughts on “How To Make Good Testimonies

  1. Wow! Thank u!! Its my privilege, thank u for appreciating my blog!! I simply write what I learn from the Bible, mentors & friends who r on d same path as I am- to honor God. Thanks again!!!;)

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