Places I Want To Visit {and the reason behind}

Here is a few list of the many places I wanna go to and the reason behind.

China – stinky tofu! my bestfriend Aina loves stinky tofu. I have no idea how stinky it is but I’ve heard a lot of stories. I sure do wanna have my own experience!

Japan – cherry blossoms, their beauty is a must-see where they are originally grown.

Europe – castles! I’m fascinated with their dreamy effect, yet they are real.

Korea – Seoul! To walk in the streets of Seoul and eat street foods.

Vietnam – pho! Daniel and I have been loving pho ever since. We wanna go for the authentic.

Oxford – to walk in the city of Oxford wearing Oxford shoes!

I don’t have photos for now, but I will have soon! No dream is too far nor too shallow. No faith goal is childish and immature.

How about you? What are the places you wanna visit with your child-like faith? Share some here!





10 thoughts on “Places I Want To Visit {and the reason behind}

  1. “Oxford – to walk in the city of Oxford wearing Oxford shoes!” HAHAHA!Ate Chareeeyy!!=)))))

    I wanna go to Korea and Japan toooo!!and Santorini,Greece!!:))

    I’m such a fan of your blog.HAHA!

  2. Oxford with oxford shoes! Wouldn’t it be nice??? Haha!!!

    Oh yes i wanna see greece to. My reason is more on-to see appstle Paul’s works of ministry there. Church history!! Hehe.

    Share naman more posts in your blog I wanna read too!!! Fashion posts in your blog would also suit u!!;)

    Thanks Adelie!;)

  3. I love your blog, ate! 🙂
    We’ve met po a couple of times at church. I don’t know if you remember. But you’ve (along with other leaders at VCF Malate) greatly inspired and fired up my convictions on love, waiting and purity (especially when you sat down on stage and preached w/ Ptr. Daniel). Thank you po!

    I’ve finally managed to have access on your blog, I can’t open wordpress from here in Vietnam. And if ever, punta kayo dito, I’d gladly tour you around! Hahaha


  4. Whoooaw!!!!! Kat! you don’t have picture, are you my FB friend? i might remember you sa picture. Anyway, I’m just having fun blogging and it’s such a privilege naman for God to use this blog and reach hearts and nations. So glad to hear from you. And yes, I do have a heart for Vietnam and pho. hehe 🙂

    I’m sure as you follow God, you’ll also serve as an inspiration to many in areas of purity, love and waiting.

    Message me in FB whenever you can pls! 🙂

  5. Tahiti and Maldives! I just love the beach. Aside from cafes, that’s my favorite date place with God. I am always amazed with his wonderful creation. Hi, Char. I just learned about your blog site today. I am inspired. =)

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