10 Things I Want To Tell Single Men

1. The little things you do exclusively for one woman has a great tendency to pile up into a GIGANTIC assumption. In a woman’s mind, 1+1=6!

2. Real men are vanguards of purity. Sex is a package and it starts with a kiss.

3. Holding a woman’s hand for 3 seconds can create fireworks in a woman’s heart.

4. One way of turning a woman off is confusing her. Confusing meaning, unintentionally doing things for no reason that leads to bursts of unnecessary emotions.

5. In pursuing, CLARITY is the best policy! Be clear about your intentions and visions.

6. Godly women are attracted to Godly men.

6.a. In the same way that Godly men are attracted to Godly women.

7. You won’t go wrong if you avoid telling women “you look tired.”

8. Don’t go for premature undefined relationships. Don’t give stuffed toys,chocolates and sorts of gifts that are misleading.

9. If you plan to pursue a woman, ask her out personally and properly, somewhere in between casual and formal depending on your personality rather than just texting “labas tayo?”

10. The constant-textmates-24/7 syndrome is prevalent among men who may not be willing to step out in faith for a Godly relationship. The textmate-but-not-talking-to-you-personally syndrome is also prevalent.

I hope you enjoyed reading! What could be the coolest tip we can give to single men? Please share.


48 thoughts on “10 Things I Want To Tell Single Men

  1. Nice read covey! Sana meron ding version si Danes na “10 Things I Want To Tell Single Women” 🙂

  2. This is very nice Ate Char! I’ll keep this in mind and share it to other single men.

  3. 1.Win God’s heart before winning her heart.

    2. Ask her Heavenly father’s approval to move foward before getting her earthly father’s approval..

  4. Know your master, know your mission, and trust God for your mate.
    Many pursue of women based on the insecurity that they will not be loved at all or their insecurity worth. Only God can tell man his worth (God gave us the blood of Christ), and only God can fill man with unconditional agape love.
    If you know your master, you get to know your mission. When you get to know your mission, you get to have an idea of what kind of ‘suitable help’ God will bring into your life. Suddenly the girls who have a different mission don’t seem as appealing (I’m not sure if this applies to all guys, but this happened to me).
    This also goes to the girls as well.
    God has an awesome plan for everyone. We just have to trust Him for it.

  5. Hi Henrison! Women get confused when men tend to play with women’s emotions (intentionally and unintentionally) and when men are not capable of defining their relationship. Women always need clarity, in terms of intentions:)

    I hope that helps! 🙂 God bless!

  6. napadaan lang po habang naghahanap ng inspirasyon sa pagtupad ko sa aking mga pangarap… nakakatuwa lang yung laman nung blog post mo na ito…
    may pinaalala lang bigla hehehe

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