When God Says Go {for single men}

-Practical tips on laying down intentions
-Woman’s perspective

Laying down intentions is a man’s most proper way of communicating verbally that he would want to pursue a woman and invite her to courtship that leads to marriage.

When the woman says yes, they enter courtship which is exclusive. Then the man proposes for marriage shortly after.

1. Romance is not your purpose but clarity. Pick a nice cafe or restaurant, it doesn’t need to be fancy nor expensive. Just somewhere nice, cozy, probably a dessert or donut place will do. Ex. Mary Grace, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Please do treat the woman, please lang. Haha
2. I’m assuming that before you’ve decided to lay down your intentions, you have prayed for this. Ask God for direction, pray for your right character & her right response.
3. Ask counsel from the right people. Ask someone whom you think can help you on how to communicate what you want to communicate.
4. Dress nicely and brush your teeth. You don’t have to wear something formal. Just look nice & smell nice.
5. Prepare for the Yes. Be excited for your new season! Celebrate!!
5.a. You can set your next date for setting your boundaries in your courtship.
6. Prepare for the No. It’s not the end of the world when this happens. Respond properly. You can actually ask the woman if she is saying no to the timing or to you which is ouchy. Nevertheless, just be humble & confident in Christ.
7. Be in faith for His will.

Courtship is for a lifetime.


What can you add to this list? Women & men can respond!! Please share.


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