Quit Skipping Meals

I have never heard any benefit from skipping meals. However, I’ve been into the habit of it due to the bright idea of “brunch” – breakfast and lunch rolled into one, and also to the nature of my work (with long dental procedures sometimes) or sometimes when I just don’t feel like eating. And apparently sometimes when I don’t know what I feel like eating.

Based on my experience, I’ve had a lot of booboos because of skipping meals.

Last Sunday, my sister treated us to dinner buffet. And so the 10-plate-buffet-eater me skipped lunch so I can have an “emptier” stomach by nighttime. I only ate wheat bread for breakfast, a chocolate chip cookie by 2 p.m. (mistake #1) then the buffet at 6:30 p.m. I indulged in my favorite raw salmon (mistake #2) and skipped the oysters. I stuffed myself with beef bacons, sukiyaki, kimchi, salmon, beef bacons, ice cream, cake, salmon, tom yum, salmon and salmon.

The next day, I said hello to hyperacidity, vomit sessions, super tummy ache and loose bowel movement. Eew, right.

Good thing it was my husband’s day off so he stayed at home and took care of me. Though I have no plans of letting this happen again because according to my husband this moment was nakaka-stress. I agreed. πŸ™‚ Yesterday, I said goodbye to salmon and over-eating already.

When God provided the manna, the bread from heaven, God gave much for each day. And so God’s people had to trust God He would give again the next day. Any left over manna turned into maggots.

Rather than skipping meals, I am now building a habit of small frequent feeding rather than splurging. I also don’t wanna skip meals anymore. πŸ™‚

Skipping meals is like skipping the Word of God. I believe God is teaching me something bigger than skipping meals. When we skip in reading His Word, our bodies weaken and malfunction.

Share your little healthy tip to help me & readers BIG time!


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