Modest Is Hottest

Recently, I attended a ‘modesty seminar’ hosted by Victory Fort church. Our speaker Jaime Jamgochian, from whom I borrowed my title, had a lot of wisdom and revelation to impart to us. You may check more of the Modest is Hottest campaign as you click her name.

Anyway, these are my take-homes:

1. True beauty comes from inside out.
2. With regards to beauty issues, you have to deal with the root and foundation first.
3. Raise the bar and standard when dressing up.
4. Godly men want to be pure and holy, they don’t want to see ‘extra’ body parts.
5. Make dressing up modestly fun!

My thoughts:

To dress modestly isn’t boring. It pleases our Creator first and foremost.

You don’t have to show more skin to be beautiful.

When people are talking to you, you want them to be looking/staring at your face not your you-know.

How you dress shows a lot of what’s inside your heart.

More practical tips on modesty coming soon! Happy Thursday everyone!


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