Practical Tips: Modesty 101

Here goes my more specific modesty blog. I am still not a super-expert about dressing modestly, I’ve had booboos in my outfits both intentionally and unintentionally just this year. Good thing is someone was there to correct me and it’s great that blogging is not always about expertise, yehey.

For married women, your husband’s perspective is not always the gauge whether or not your outfit is modest. I’ve had a few occasions where my husband approved of a pair of shorts for going out and I ended up changing because I myself didn’t feel comfortable wearing them outside our home. Am I more traditional than him? Probably. Or maybe because my outfit (no, my legs) looked too cute in his eyes that he didn’t bother saying ‘no’ to it. Hehe.

Hard fact is, people who dress more modestly get more respect. Now this isn’t about turtlenecks and ankle-length skirts (though the latter may be trendy nowadays). It’s dressing up in propriety. Another hard fact I learned from the seminar, Christian American women don’t wear bikinis.

Let me share to you my personal outfit alerts.

Short shorts. Very comfy. I love shorts. But what’s too short? It’s when they’re right above the half of my thigh. Too bad sometimes even if more than half of my thigh is already covered they still appear too short because I’m blessed with long legs, hehe. There’s a lot of trendy shorts now that run all the way right above your knee. They’re fashionable, promise.
See-throughs. Very fashionable. BUT, showing your bra isn’t. I wear a tank top or tube underneath.
Too tight skinny jeans. I’m still working on this one. Suggestion is wear a top that’s long enough to cover a bit, if not all, of your behind.
Low necklines. I wear a tube or bandeau under these kind of tops.
Bikinis. Nope. Red alert. I wear nice tankinis and boy shorts kind of swimsuit.
Photo of you wearing bikini posted in Facebook. No-no-no. Red red red alert with flashing lights!

The last thing I want you to get from this blog is legalism. Legalism roots out of pride and self-righteousness, that’s not ‘it’. The ‘it’ is, go back to your relationship with God and be concerned on how you can please Him more through the way you dress up.


Image Leaving to you a photo of my trendy niece Olivia.

Please share your modesty tips here. A trendy day to you beautiful woman!


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