What Will You Forgo?

Every Thursday evening, we have our Victory Group for couples with Pastor Nixon Ng and his wife Ms. Eva. During discussion, a person shared about his realization on forgoing something so he can give more to a non-government organization called ‘Real Life.’ So he chose to forgo Starbucks.

I saw Aina cringe. Hehe! And I heard myself say ‘yikes.’

Now the thing about giving is, we should NEVER give out of guilt and that the Bible says God loves a cheerful giver.

The thing about forgoing something is you may say the amount that you’re forgoing is little. But when piled up and computed it amounts to — A BIG amount.

Example: 1 Frappe = 145php; 3 Frappes per week = 435php; x 4 weeks = 1,740php per month

So am I forgoing Starbucks? Y-y-y-yup! But me and my husband talked about it & I can have 1 per week instead of 3. Hehe.

If money is not a hindrance, what organization will you support?

For now that you think you don’t have all the money in the world to give, what will you forgo? ;))

xoxo, Forgo cheerfully. Give cheerfully!



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