Husband & Health

I am about to drink coke. It’s 9:44 in the morning. And I am about to change my mind. But I’m still thinking through it.

My husband is my hero for health. During one of his trips to China, he was diagnosed of having gall stones and he badly needed surgery. He then had to take an emergency trip to Manila for the surgery. He had the habit of eating fried street foods along Pedro Gil St. Sorry for the short medical history, hehe,

At present, he super-regularly does his work out, at least 3 times a week. He does all sorts of exercises in the gym including biking, weight-lifting, etc. He never eats junk foods with me. He would have only a teaspoonful of my desserts. He regularly requests for fruits and veggies. He prefers red rice over white since it has lower glycemic index (even lower than brown rice). He does not agree to my regular subscription to frappuccinos and donuts (sugar sugar sugar). He tells me I need to do work-outs when I’m loving my sleep or when I just woke up. Such an alert strong man he is.

He might not be the super-lean and super-thin kind of guy but he’s very strong. I think that watching what you eat is already a strength. One time, I went home and I saw the old TV in our house lifted all the way up to the top of our closet. I wonder how it got in there. Sometimes, he uses the stairs instead of the elevator from our 5th floor apartment.

This blog is just to express that I’m so inspired with Daniel’s lifestyle. That’s all thank you.

*This post was brought to you by fried foods and coke.


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