A Happy Wife is a Happy Life

Here is one thing I’ve learned I am still learning as a married woman for almost 9 months.

The wife can set the atmosphere (or ‘feel’) at home. This is why she plays a huge role in welcoming the husband home as he comes from work. She can also affect strongly the decisions, big and small, her husband makes by simply smiling or pouting or frowning, or by even not reacting.

While we wives all know that our husbands also seek to please us, next to God, we have the full responsibility to get filled till we overflow. We cannot always bank on our husbands pleasing us so we can fully set our hearts to setting a happy life.

Going back to The Source can refresh, replenish and restore our worn out strengths, souls and bodies. Instead of nagging or complaining, we can keep a quiet heart and bank on the grace of God alone. This will produce a more vibrant relationship with our husbands. We will respond more properly in unlikely situations that even in bad times we can still set to live and overflow as a happy wife- to a happy life.


XOXO, Char


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