{Marriage Retreat} Take-Homes

Here are wisdom take-homes in the light of building your marriage to last.

1. If priorities are clear, decisions will be clear too.

2. Ministry and family do not have to compete.

3. If you don’t ‘make time,’ something will eat up your time.

4. Errands not an excuse.

5. In your argument with spouse, the real question is not who is 100% right, but, what kind of man/woman you want to be. A forgiving or arrogant man/woman?

6. Do not fight for your right. Be like Christ.

7. In obeying the traffic lights, you can be right. But once a fast (walang prenong) car approaches, do you fight for your right? You can be right but now you are dead as if you are wrong. Give way.

8. Marriage, according to Tim Keller, is permanent, exclusive, legal and public commitment.

9. Ask God for your daily bread.

10. Sow seeds regularly. We cannot out-give God.

11. Life is not a collection of tools (money).

12. Provision follows purpose. Pursue God’s purpose.

13. Words can bring ruin and destruction in our homes and marriages.

14. It’s not just about saying what’s true but also the timing, context and circumstance. See if it is “fitting” to say the things you want to say.

15. Let go of details.

16. Don’t try to change your partner if he/she is a morning person or more active in the evening.

17. Avoid cutting remarks when arguing.

18. Don’t do it. (must-see video shared by Ptr Steve Murrell) Image


Image To the married couples out there, don’t forget to have fun! 😉


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