Homey Monday

I usually work on Mondays as my husband takes his day off. He uses his monday for rest, sleep, me-time, books, more for rebooting and recharging spiritually, physically and emotionally. And I help him do these when I am not around, since I’m kind of makulit and full of stories. But today was different. My husband is not feeling well today so I chose to stick around. By morning, I went to do grocery and cooked tinola for lunch to boost his immune system. Then we watched a movie at home, then took a long nap. A while ago, I cooked spaghetti for dinner.

To my surprise, while eating, he told me he appreciated that I stayed at home today. For me, it was the ‘same-old’ stuff that I do for him, cook, kulit and attend to him.

I think our husbands appreciate when we choose to stick around. As wives, our schedule can be so full and busy. But a
s much as we want to be valued, our husbands also have the same need to feel valued. I’m grateful to God that he made in my heart a joy to prioritize my husband. I also had my share of rest for this day.


Have a joy-filled week! 🙂




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