Ever since we got married, my husband and I has been wanting to have children. My husband’s logic is, since he is 30 now, when he turns 40, he’ll be having our eldest at 10 years of age. Daniel wants to have kids now because he wouldn’t wanna be much older when they are still younger. He wants to enjoy them and play with them.

Daniel reading to our niece Olivia before bedtime during our most recent Ilocos vacation. 🙂

I have heard a lot of times that it will be different once we start having kids- like, really REALLY different. Okay, that’s clear. I have also heard a lot of times that each season has its gift. So what is our season now?

The great thing I cherish about my marriage is that me & Daniel are really both lovers and friends. We can laugh at stuff, listen to each other’s stories, tease each other and play jokes together. In this season, it has been 9 months of marriage and we have been learning about the simple joys of being together- just the two of us.

An unplanned date at a pizza place in Laoag.

Here are my killer realizations about not having kids yet:

1. We can choose to go home at practically anytime of the day, even midnight or wee hours since no one is waiting for us.

2. We can be deliberate about our weekly dates compared to being MORE deliberate about dates once we have children.

3. We can go with our singles-barkada anytime there’s an impromptu Tagaytay night out which is very usual.

4. We can spend our energy just for one another.

I wonder how it would like being with little daniels and little chars running around the house. I see adjustments in how we’ll be managing our resources, time, finances and energy. I’m sure it will be worth the challenge. I’m sure God will give us abundant & sufficient grace. 😉


One thought on “2-gether

  1. Hey Ading! Enjoy each other for now and the kids will come in HIS time. Just don’t wait too long in trying and make sure both of you are “healthy” in that sense. It took us 5 years to get pregnant and made us appreciate all the good and bad that happened. Love you and miss you much.

    M’g Fita

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