Best Friend Tales

Aina has been my best friend since 2003. We would argue at times about when we “officially” became best of friends but as far as I remember, it was just a few exchange of text messages then she blurted out “We’re best friends na.” I said yes, and the rest is history.

During one of our good friend’s baby shower. Basically a picture of what our friendship looks like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interesting facts about our friendship:

– I am her maid of honor and I was not able to make it to her wedding day because of a “valid” reason. She was there on my wedding day though, as my matron of honor.

– We’ve argued about the KC-Piolo issue during the peak of controversies, it’s as if we know too much about showbiz (we don’t), and I’m not gonna spill whose side we were on.

– We text each other on prayer requests about pimples, aina’s skin allergies to be cancelled, and whenever we have haircut or when aina has her annual perm.

– Years ago, we actually believed that Starbucks is a cult, so we stopped drinking and having dates there. We even sought the counsel. After a week, we resumed. We probably realized that the owner or the company are good people and we love coffee anyway.

– We text each other everyday, even if we’re married already, we constantly update each other, even good mornings. No kidding.

– We met on a Sunday, Robinson’s place at San Francisco coffee when we were having a ‘cell group’ and she was a newcomer.

– She’s very kikay and I am not (till recently). She’s the ruffles and I’m the plains.

– We went through Victory weekend 2004 together, got baptized together in a kiddie pool, and grew and we are still growing together in our walk with God.

– When I lived near the church, Howard, her husband, would drop her and she’d come to my house in the morning and continue her sleep there. I nearly charged Howard for my babysitting, per hour.

– We honor each other’s convictions and decisions but we truthfully say what we think.

– We don’t snatch each other from our husbands since we know that our husbands are our top priority, next to God.

This is Aina making sabunot (pulling) my hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When you take a look at the anatomy of a great friendship, there’s always the good and bad times, ups and downs. Then there’s the bond between you and your friend. But you also see a stronger bond- God. In my opinion, any relationship won’t seem to last when God is not in the picture.ย The key to a sticky friendship is The Sticky God.


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