Nostalgic Thursday

Yesterday morning, I spent my “quiet-time” at Starbucks Fort. Every now and then, it’s great to spend this time outside home just to give you a fresh environment. I choose cozy cafes because of the coffee aroma that they add to my senses.

I started browsing thru iTunes, then I couldn’t find any unfamiliar song until I came across old worship songs. I saw Through It All, One Desire, Magnificent and Burn. If I am not mistaken they are all by Hillsong. These are the songs of my Christian “childhood” when I was still being reached out as a college student. These are the songs we sang during those Youth On Fire days. Youth On Fire is the second stage of our youth ministry evolution, right after Yojam, before Every Nation Campus Ministries, which eventually became Lifebox. These songs are really old. Let me share some of the lyrics to you.

Through It All

{You are forever in my heart, You see me through the seasons…Cover me with Your hand…And I look to You, and I wait on You}

In my season, did I know that God sees me through? Did I know that God is covering me with His love? Am I looking at God or my circumstance? Am I having the heart to wait on God or am I going ahead of Him? Am I trusting Him constantly? Waiting is humility.

One Desire

{How could I fail to see, You are The Love that rescued me…All I am is devoted to You. And oh, how could I not be moved Lord here with You…My one desire is to be where you are Lord.}

How does it feel again to have Jesus as my one desire? Have I seen Him as my Rescuer lately? Is He really my one desire? Is He more than enough in my life? What do I chase after in this life?


{You are magnificent, eternally wonderful, glorious…}

This song is a declaration of Who God is. Am I trusting in God’s character? Am I responding in praises to my King?


{Here in tis place, I can feel Your touch. As I seek Your face showin’ me Your love. I need You now…come and wash me over. Your Spirit reigns fillin’ me with power…Open up my heart and You will find this fire burns so deep, it burns so right for You…Lord I will burn for You}

What am I passionate about? What am I spending my passions on? What is my heart for God? Is it burning or has it turned cold? Am I seeking His face? Am I needing God?

The lyrics fascinated me that the more they appeared to be like the olds and “basics,” they gave freshness and newness. I started recalling how I started as a Christian and how people discipled me patiently. God brought me back to a once familiar place, I saw myself in the crowd of a Friday night service where Pastor Nixon, our youth pastor then, would preach with strength, boldness and conviction. We would celebrate at the end of service with praise songs!

May songs of praise & worship encourage you. May God bring newness in the old. May you find God in unexpected places. 😉


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