A Meaningful Walk

Few days ago, me and my husband walked around Acacia Estates where our village is. They were having a Mercato at Mahogany I so we managed to go take our fill of our favorite isaw. Since it’s my first time to walk around (after living in the area for almost 10 months), I asked Daniel as I clung to him, “Is it gonna be too far?”

Isn’t walking much like our relationships? “Am I gonna be stretched here? Oh no my legs are hurting already.”

One evening in a cab, Daniel blurted out to me that we were gonna join Race for Life, a fun run organized by Real Life Foundation. He told me we were doing 5K run. I was flabbergasted. I have no idea how I will finish it but I know by God’s mercy and by the power of the Holy Spirit I will.;)

It’s amazing how the Bible associates walking with relationships, life as a race to run and love as going the extra mile. I believe that by these, muscles are strengthened, weaknesses are stretched, character is exercised.

Going the extra mile means going beyond the requirements and obligations. That’s what love is.

Amos 3:3 Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

I pray that you’ll find the most meaningful relationships/friendships in your life. Agree to walk with them. Open your life to them. You have a specific race where God has called you to finish.


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