In the Kitchen

My husband can cook. But in our home, the kitchen is delegated to me. I would prepare our food and set the table, and his task was just to prepare our drinks (which is basically water, otherwise, he’d be in charge of putting ice to our juice or soda).

This week though, my husband cooked for me twice! I realized that my husband CAN cook. Actually he is a very good cook. Not just a sunny-side-up or hotdogs, but beef sinigang and pork mechado!

The secret to me enjoying this time is I let him. I just let him work in the kitchen. I can be very OC (obsessive-complusive) and nosy in the kitchen. Like, I might be instructing Daniel how to slice the peppers (which I actually did at first, oh no) or teaching him my own style when he has his own style of cooking.

I just laid my back in the living room and relaxed and allowed him to pamper me this way.

Sumptuous pork mechado! We stopped eating pork for a while but this one is really really yummy!
Beef sinigang, this dish is just delish! I paired it with patis to balance the sour soupbase.

What dawned on me is that Daniel and I can have moments in the kitchen together. Maybe we can cook together when his schedule isn’t full and he’s not tired from a day’s work. A household chore can still be an avenue for knowing and growing closer to each other. 😉




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