Your Race Called Life

Yesterday, Daniel and I had our first fun run as a couple. It was actually my first fun run ever.

Assembly time! 5AM at Every Nation Fort

One evening, my husband just blurted out to me that we were joining the 5K. So in submission I was shocked, and in shock I submitted. I am really not a sporty person. One of the major things my husband has been persuading me to do is to exercise and be healthy. So we availed of our 5K run and we got cool green shirts for the run which I think was part of my husband’s bribing because I got excited when I fit my shirt.

I am thankful that some of my friends encouraged me that it is possible for me to finish the race. Big thanks to Nicole Uytengsu, Tim Uytengsu and Joy Que. Though I literally told them it’s only by God’s grace & mercy that I can finish this race.

It helped me a lot that I have a buddy. Daniel was patient enough to instruct me how to run. If you think you know how to run already, think again. A lot of people think they know how to run and end up in sprains and torn ligaments. They don’t. This is the practical reason why a lot of people also hire their personal trainers, not that it’s always affordable. But you can have a friend as a running buddy, someone who’s gone ahead of you.

Daniel told me to pick up and carry my weight. That means I should’t be sloppy. You know how your legs would reluctantly walk towards your mom when she calls you for errands or chores? Yeah, it shouldn’t be like that. He also instructed me to watch my posture. I saw a runner who was looking down instead of looking forward, this too pulls your weight down and causes you to get easily fatigued. Your back should be straight. You can also have your own pacing as long as you’re not slacking down from it. You can walk, run, jog or brisk walk but do not lose your vigor.

Most people are walking here 😉

As soon as I got how to run properly, I was surprised how easy it was to breathe and talk to my buddy. I was running and I could talk at the same time. Also, just have enough fill from the water station. Too much water might make your tummy ache. Oh, I did’t have full breakfast before running but I had probably 5 spoonfuls of watery oatmeal just so my tummy’s not empty.

I loved how I sweat. My sweat made me glow! I once heard that the sweat you get from working isn’t the same as the sweat you get from exercising. I’d like to call that the healthy sweat.

The 5K run went to Real Life Foundation which paves the way for education of hundreds of scholars nationwide. The simple race for life made me a part, in a small yet significant way, of reviving lost dreams and hopes for education.

Daniel and good friend Sean Soriano
It’s me and dear Sonja 😉
Daniel with Andrew Wee, our new campus minister! He graduated the night before the race.
With friends from Victory Malate
Join us next year!

In life, we do have a real race, not just one-time but lifetime. The Bible says, “and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus.” There is a race marked out just for us where we don not compete with one another. In the end, I hope that we’ll say “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” How? Run with people who can help you, carry your cross, have the posture of humility before God, look ahead towards Jesus and have your daily fill of the Living Water. 😉




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