Have you set apart a specific date time with your spouse? We, and most of the couples we know, do it weekly. I advise you to have it on your day off or when your job is light on that day. With the busyness of this world, it is so easy to slip away from connecting with your spouse intentionally and prioritize other things like ‘errands’ at the expense of your date time.

When was your best-date-ever with your spouse? Mine happened a week ago. Daniel and I celebrated our 10th month of being married. I appreciate Daniel for always remembering the 2nd of every month and making time for us to celebrate it in little ways.

Last Sunday, I told Daniel I was craving for bulalo. So he googled for the best bulalo nearby. We searched for this place called Pat Pat’s Bulalo in Sampaloc St. Makati but it was closed probably because it was a Sunday. Then he suggested Cafe Via Mare’s bulalo. So we went to Landmark only to find out they don’t serve bulalo there. Besides, it was a bit pricey. After a few decision makings, we came across PVL cuisine at Landmark food court. I was so pleased with Daniel’s persistence to satisfy my craving. I was so happy with my bulalo, with patis-calamansi on the side, in the midst of the noisy crowd.

Then Daniel treated me with a dozen of J Co. donuts, something I have been craving for a week already. Again, J Co. was jam-packed with people but it didn’t matter. Daniel and I still got to enjoy our donuts and talk about us and our marriage.

I often have cravings. It’s seldom that I don’t have one. It was awesome to see my husband, in the language of love and in the ability that God has given him, treat me with my cravings. Don’t get me wrong, I am no spoiled wifey and Daniel won’t do that to me. Daniel is a husband of firm decisions. I’m just glad that when God uses him to bless me, he really blesses me to his heart’s delight.

Dates are inevitable in relationships, especially marriage. Most people think that dates are only for boyfriends and girlfriends. No, dates are for married couples. And if you have kids already, still set apart a time for only you and your spouse. I’m sure that’s a challenge but I do guarantee it’s worth it. I believe God honors our marriage as we put time and effort into it, as in return, our marriage honors God.


10 months with Daniel has been filled with God’s faithfulness and love.
The donut on the leftmost front, my favorite!!! Greentease!






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