El Cirkulo & TWG Tea Salon

It was a privilege to be blessed with a Spanish dining experience last night by our couple friend from Victory Malate. The Cordoveses & Crucillos, not just our churchmates but also our friends, have been a part of our marriage journey. We often go out for fellowship and food trips along with other couples.

Let me share to you El Cirkulo restaurant.

Beef Salpicao
crispy siiiiisiiiiiiig!
Of all the foods that were served, this is the most intriguing. Step 1, spread a bit (or more) of the bone marrow on the buttered bread; 2, place some of the beef on top; and 3, a tiny pinch of salt to taste- One Tasty Bulalo sandwich!
Feast on the bone marrow! Whew!
My friend Chryssta Cordoves enjoying this part of the dinner…
Suckling pig, in an interplay between bagnet and lechon.
Lamb, delish!
Beef belly 🙂

After ingesting all the cholesterol and fats from our sumptuous meal (I forgot to take a photo of our Paella), we decided to be healthy! So we visited TWG (The Wellness Group) Tea Salon at Greenbelt 5. After sniffing on the varieties of teas, they have a LOT of kinds, my favorite is the New York Breakfast Tea because of its cocoa flavor. Tea plus chocolate is perfect for my palate!

You can open & sniff! Now I wonder how many people sniffed on these teas.
My husband enjoying the ambience and all. Happy husband, he loves teas.
Crucillos, Cordoveses and Trinidads having a fine tea time!
Choose this kind of macarons (black with caramel in between) with the Geisha tea (having some kind of a fruity-berry flavor)— Perfect!
Scones for the kings!
Char’s choice 😉
Teas all around!!!! And yes, those are real tea containers where you get to choose from then they weigh it upon ordering. Very traditional. (Trivia from Abe Cordoves)

Happy Holidays!


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