The Traveling Momma-To-Be

Our trip to Illinois was kind of sudden and unexpected. It took me and my husband a while to pray and finally decide on where I will give birth. When we decided to finally fly, my OB was gracious enough to hand me my medical certificate just in case our airline looks for it, since I was already showing at 24 weeks but not to the extent that I looked like I was gonna pop anytime, especially in the plane.

Here are a few advices my OB gave me before leaving and precautions I made so as to keep me and my baby comfortable during the flight.

Take note that my trip comprised of 2 flights, a 4-hour from Manila to Incheon and a 12-hour-40-minute from Incheon to Chicago with a lay over of 7 hours.

1. I brought my own pillow. The aircraft provides pillows but too tiny ones. My standard sized pillow gave comfort to my back and neck when I leaned on it.

2. I was not hesitant to ask for a wheelchair when I had to walk, long or short distances, and even when I had to wait in the lines, especially for immigration. But when I felt like walking, I would to exercise my muscles.

3. We personally requested to be seated in the most convenient and strategic ones. The crew of Asiana airlines were generous to give us seats with leg room and also nearest the washroom.

4. During the flight, I had to stand up every 2 hours to keep blood flowing in my legs. Flexing and stretching of neck, arms and legs helped. I also used this time to drink a glass of water and pee. It’s important to be always hydrated.

5. I always kept my feet elevated through a footrest in front of my seat, which prevented my feet from being edematous. Wearing socks also help.

6. I don’t remember having contractions but just in case, I read an article that  said you have to change your position. Pregnant women are prone to this when not hydrated and when sitting long.

7. During lay over, I had to lie down and really slept on the comfy seats of Incheon airport. Thank God it was about 5AM so there were really no people around. It was calming and refreshing, plus, my husband was able to date me (ahem, in Korea) so it was extra sweet and special.

Our little travel buddy

8. I had a light shoulder bag I carried myself, so my husband did not have to carry anything for me except for some extra books I packed on his bag for my reading.

That’s it! By the grace of God, we reached our destination safely and unharmed- my husband, me and our baby. It’s a travel I won’t forget.

Getting excited for our looong flight!
Goofin’ around during take off 😉
My travel buddy 😉 I do look forward to more travels with you to the ends of the earth! 😉

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