Forgetfulness & Pregnancy

In pregnancy there are a lot of changes that occur in a woman’s body. Sometimes, we do give a lot of credit to hyped hormonal levels. Commonly, though I do not claim this at all, they say that a pregnant woman becomes overly sensitive and emotional, while others say they have some sort of absentmindedness and forgetfulness.

I find it funny, whether this is true or not, that I do have some of these moments.

At lunchtime, my friends talking about “The Avengers” shared who their favorites are. One said Captain America and another, Ironman. When I was asked, I answered without batting an eyelash, “Wolverine!” They all went clueless. It took me some time to realize that Wolverine isn’t an avenger but an X-men.

After spending a day at home I totally forgot to take a shower (excuse me) and I only remembered at 11 pm because my husband reminded me.

I usually forget what I am saying and most of my conversations with husband goes like “…wait, what was I gonna tell you na nga???”

I could probably tell more stories but I must’ve forgotten them already…hahaha! Cheers!



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