My Foretaste of Parenting

While talking on the phone with my best friend Aina yesterday, my niece Olivia was beside me with her notebook and crayons. Olivia kept on bugging me to draw a mermaid. Not able to give my full attention since I was on the phone, I got a pencil and drew a mermaid half-heartedly.

My niece looked at me and asked me to draw a mermaid again. I said I drew one already, pointing to my drawing. She said I should draw one more. I asked why. She didn’t say a word. I asked, “Is my drawing not pretty?” She just stared at my drawing, then she stared at me for a while. I’m guessing she was too shy to tell what’s on her mind but blurted it anyway. “The mermaid’s tummy is too big,” she said. Hahaha! πŸ˜‰

Oh well, how could she notice that? It’s just a drawing. Probably not in this digital age where illustrations and drawings on iPads are on their way to being 3D.

This is my yet another fun foretaste of parenting. Next time I would probably tell my child to wait patiently till i can give full attention or I can just attend to him whole-heartedly.

Like my drawing? πŸ˜‰



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