I marvel on the fact that women who are married to husbands working overseas carry great strength within them. Actually, I salute them!

My husband is working in Manila and I am in Illinois as I await to give birth. Though husband is flying back here soon, weeks being apart from each other is a challenge especially that I’m pregnant. I believe that a wife has particular needs that only the husband can give this season. Huge credits though to my family for just being there.

There’s nothing I can say with how supportive Daniel is & how he has been making a lot of effort to make me “feel better.” I am amazed how God has given us the grace to work still as a team even with different timezones. I married a kind, loving and understanding husband, I can’t ask for more.

Before Daniel left for Manila, he had been preparing me so I could still function properly and not be defeated by loneliness. It’s a real battle you know. 😉 He had given me things-to-do and even continues to involve me in things that I can do online just to keep me busy.

Biggest credit though goes to God. I know He has given me this beautiful season to simply reflect and rethink. Probably not to be overly dependent on my husband. I would not want my husband to turn into a functional savior in my life.

Things I do, I reflect on God’s goodness. I read & write, I keep a journal & I blog. I actively prepare for parenting that is coming super soon. I enjoy my family. Because of different timezones, I pray for my husband as he sleeps to get him through the following day’s concerns. I do household chores & enjoy them. I take time to sit back & relax, savor the season.

I am excited when he gets back! I am still his clingy wife after all. There is grace and strength given for every season. Everything is beautiful in its time.

Summer 2013 below…



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