Life’s A Stretch

Eighth month of pregnancy becomes more challenging physically. Rib muscles feel like being pulled down because of little pineapple’s increasing weight. According to, my baby weighs a little over 4 lbs (about the size of a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark. I can feel that my ligaments on my pelvic area are expanding even more which will help me during childbirth. When I stand or sit down too long, my back muscles ache. I have to be changing positions from time to time to keep me sane.

Other than that, I am blessed to not have any swelling or edema- both my engagement & wedding rings still fit! *blush* Also, it seems like I have graciously & miraculously gained weight only for the baby and not for myself, as I have prayed and planned.

I have never been amazed on how stretching wondrously works on preggy mommas like me. During afternoons, I relax by the deck and do some stretching for my muscles and ligaments. When you’re pregnant, you tend to slouch in the couch. But exercising and even simple stretching can boost your energy when you’re feeling lazy.

Click here to see the benefits of stretching in pregnancy & some stretching instructions.

In the same manner, stretched faith has its benefits. Each of us as believers of God has a measure of faith, probably a seed. And this faith is meant to grow. Faith-stretching moments are not always easy. But if we respond in obedience to the will of God, these moments grow us in Christlikeness. Faith pleases God.

In the final stretch of my pregnancy, I look to God. There are so many uncertainties to me now as a first-time-mom. What’s labor gonna be like? Epidural or natural birth? Can I endure it? Is it really super painful?? I can only depend on God.

Whatever test or trial you are going through, I encourage you to look at it as a beautiful season that’s meant to grow your faith & deepen your relationship with God. 🙂

Other stretch-related thoughts to ponder on as of the moment:
stretch marks- great if they go away, if not, I consider them badges of motherhood!
baby stretch- since baby is trying to fit in my tummy, I do feel his stretches in my pelvic bone and rib at the same time, it feels good to me though it startles me
budget-stretching!- oh yes! God is in control!

Life’s a stretch!


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2 thoughts on “Life’s A Stretch

  1. Hi Ate Char! I’m one of your blog stalkers and I’m excited for what God has in store for you in this season. Thank you for inspiring me with the things you write about. I hope to someday chat with you about more things. God bless you! :))

  2. Hi dear!! Well, add me up in FB so we can chat & you can be stalker-no-more! Hehe. My prayer is that God will speak to the hearts of the people who read what I write. Great to hear from you!!! I’m encouraged to blog more 😉

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