Discovering Manhood

Yes, we are having a boy!

The joy & excitement escalates as my due date approaches. I’m so excited to finally meet our baby boy face to face.

When Daniel & I first learned that we are going to have a boy, I can’t describe how ecstatic Daniel was- the thrill of a dad raising a son. Most probably a man thing. As for me, I began to ponder on so many things.

How do I teach him manhood?
Outfit options for him might be limited.
I think it’s time to read “Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge.
Can I handle his issues?
Is the color orange really okay for boys? How about yellow? I don’t want to get stuck with just blue.
And many more…

Manhood is way different from womanhood. God has designed both to honor Him.

On the first few days of my married life, I discovered that I married a man. Really. Hairy legs, bigger muscles, fewer words and greater physical strength I did not possess. Now that I’m having a new little man in my life, I am grateful to God that I’m not alone in parenting him but I have a great husband who can impart to him Godly manhood.

This will be my journey to discovering manhood. Hope you stick with me!

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