Miley is my Inspiration…

To disciple the next generation!!!!!

Apart from God, I think I would be like Miley- same issues, heart and perspective towards life (minus the fame and talent, of course).

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If we take a closer look at our hearts, we all have the same issues of rejection, hunger for approval, anger, apathy, rebellion, pride, insecurities and the like. It’s just that Miley was given the perfect time and opportunity to show the whole world what is inside of her.

Miley’s outrageous behavior is what encourages me to disciple more young women. There is no brokenness that is beyond God’s restoration.

If I’d meet another misbehaving young woman, I’d ask her…
How are your relationships?
Can you say that you are in a difficult time of your life? Why?
What is your greatest dream?
What has hurt you in the past?
What makes you happy?
What has made you so angry?

Well, I hope I don’t sound like discipleship is without sweat. It’s not easy but I believe it’s as simple as a sincere heart for sharing lives with gestures of listening and ‘being there’ for the person.

I’m excited for the definite influx of changed lives simply because Godly women are all the more activated to proclaim the good news that they have received in Christ. To all the ‘seeking’ young women out there, I encourage you to expose your lives to Godly women who can mentor and teach you Godliness, who will stand with you in toughest and darkest times. Whatever you’re facing, it is not beyond repair because God’s gentle heart is for you.


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