How to Know If He’s the One

How do you know if it’s him?

“Siya na ba??!!”

This pertains to your future husband. Whenever I am asked of this question, my typical answer is: you’ll just know. I’m not sure if this made sense to whom I have said this to because it sounds vague.

I suggest you entertain this question in mind ONLY when the man has already expressed his intentions to pursue and marry you. If he hasn’t, then there’s NO POINT of thinking about it. (Warning signs emphasized, hehe)

Ultimately, it is God’s affirmation that settles it all. If you have a thriving relationship with God, you’d know what would please him or not. Then you’d know if he’s the one or not.

As a married person now, here are helpful guidelines contributing to knowing if he’s the one. Again, I can only say this because I am married and I have seen the dynamics of marriage. Personally, I consider the following as non-negotiables.

1. You have a growing friendship. Will you stick with this person no matter what? This part can also involve your emotions. You like him, his company, his personality, etc.
2. You see yourself submitting to this man. Much of marriage is about decisions and directions. Can he lead you properly (towards Godliness)?
3. You can work as a team. This shows much about character. You may not have ‘perfect chemistry’, but there is mutual submission.
4. You uphold the same values. Life is about values and your values determine your lifestyle. Are you in the same page?

As a woman, don’t feel pressured in giving your ‘yes’ immediately. Take time to pray and seek God about it, ask counsel from Godly married couples.

Hope this helped!

*Throwback! Ligawan moments, Daniel & I, 2010-2011



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