The Day I Said Yes

Recalling the day I got engaged to Daniel, exactly 2 years ago, I can’t thank God enough for giving me His wisdom not to think twice the moment he asked me “will you marry me.”

Waaa, I still get kilig when I remember that moment.

I can say everything fell into place, not as how Daniel planned but how God planned it to be.

– September 17, 2011, Saturday
– It was a scheduled splurge date with my boyfriend Daniel and as a courteous boyfriend he fetched me from my apartment, there in his nice purple long sleeves (purple, my favorite color then)
– An aunt calls, breaks the news about Daniel’s plan of proposing
– Me keeping calm, choosing to be surprised ‘when’ he will finally do it
– Rain pours! At 5pm, Taft Avenue gets jammed with traffic, making it hard for us to get a cab (at this moment he probably decides he can’t do it at sunset because there is no sun)
– After about 20-30 minutes of waiting, Daniel decides to get us to Sofitel through a jeepney ride (it didn’t matter to me, I know this person treated me like a princess by heart, it’s just that the circumstances weren’t cooperating- but God is sovereign, so let me continue with my story)
– We get to Sofitel, he lets me sit at Le Bar first to wait, he had to go to the washroom (by this time I didn’t know our friend was positioned somewhere taking our video)
– Daniel comes back, hands me a scrapbook and I flip through the pages
– As I finished looking, he talks to me (I don’t remember the words anymore), gets on his knees, shows me the ring and asks me…”I love you. Will you marry me?”
– I answered a very convinced YES
– Our friend Jeff Cariaso comes toward us with flowers, he is a chef in the hotel and Eman Baniqued moves closer to us to take videos and photos
– Daniel and I eat sumptuously at Spiral buffet, had our first exchange of I love you’s and first hold of each other’s hands, and sidehugs

God is sovereign.

It may not be how Daniel planned it but it turned out to be how God was going to be honored. It may not be the dreamy, perfect and fireworky proposal a woman could have from a man but for me and Daniel, it is our story, God is present, therefore it’s the best.


I believe that God ruled out everything that could ‘ruin’ this day. If I hesitated on riding the jeepney, it could have been a horrible self-centered proposal. If I got pissed with the weather, I could have been focusing on the circumstance. I mean, hello, who is in control of the weather? If I got frustrated with the design of the ring (though I reaaaally like my ring, a lot!), then the proposal could have been ring-centered, shallow and meaningless. If I evaluated my overall experience through Daniel’s efforts, then pity Daniel for having a monster fiancee for not ‘executing’ things as planned. And that’s not love.

Only only only by the grace of God was I able to respond joyfully despite the things that came about. God ruled out anything that is of us and gave evrything that is of Him, so we can focus only in Him. Hence, a God-centered proposal, a God-centered relationship.

If you’re married, I hope you can appreciate how God ordained things for you and your husband. If you’re single, I pray that you will continue to dream for a God-centered relationship and let God unfold a beautiful story before your eyes.

Daniel didn’t know, but I don’t prefer sunsets. I do appreciate their beauty and colors but I like rainshowers better. It’s something personal, there’s something about rain that makes me feel cozy and comfy. I thank God for giving me the favor of a rainy proposal.

-Daniel waiting for the rain to stop before fetching me.

Happy engagement anniversary my Love!


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