As I write this, I am waiting for our little munchkin to wake up for feeding. It has been almost 5 weeks since the birth of Judah and I have not had time (or made time) yet for blogging. Hello motherhood. I had expected this and I have been coping well with all the adjustments to parenting. As new as parenting is to me are new discoveries as well to the wonderful world of sleepless nights (it’s true pala), diapers, pumping breastmilk, various baby brands- medela, mustela and the like, baby soaps, bottles, onesies and burping.

Judah means “praise.” I have a LOT of stories why we thought it appropriate to name him with such meaning. The journey I had in my pregnancy gave us a picture of Who God is to my child, (I was cut here because of feeding time) His faithfulness reaching the next generation. Thus, no other response to Him but praise no matter what the circumstance.

Zacarias means “the LORD remembers.” In my husband’s years of singleness, he already had this name in his heart for his son, Zechariah to be exact. It’s a good reminder of God’s character, how much more for a name!

Meet our Judah Zacarias, our little darling munchkin whose life we believe is purposed for the advancement of God’s kingdom, for His glory alone.






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