Project Me-time

As a new mom, it’s almost impossible not to be glued to my baby. I breastfeed, play with him, give him a bath, nap with him and all sorts of duties a mom delightfully does for her little one. Though I know that my season calls for this kind of attention given to my baby, I became aware recently that I cannot be as effective as I should be if I don’t have a me-time.

My me-time is my own personal alone time spent for reflecting, pondering, enjoying, writing and thinking. Well, that’s for me. Others do shopping, eating, walking etc.

There is something about disconnecting for a moment, like a pause, a break from what you have been doing or what you have been busy about. Then connecting again right after. It’s like a recharge moment that all of us need so we can face our days ahead.

1. Recognize your need. Maybe you need a pause from your baby’s cry and/or mommyhood routine? Or from your work, duties, etc.

2. Plan a weekly me-time. As I write this, I am picking my most possible time for a me-time and I choose Wednesday mornings when my baby is taking a nap.

3. Commit to disconnect, then reconnect. Since I breastfeed every 3 hours, I can commit to having me-time in between feedings which is a good 2-2 1/2 hours.

A weekly recharge can give you new perspectives, new ideas and can even be just a breath of fresh air you can enjoy. Increased effectiveness comes in a sense that you can actually reflect on things like ‘why again am I doing what I am doing?’ It keeps you more focused by helping you attend to any personal need. Or simply, me-time just causes you to enjoy and have fun as we have all the tendency to do work without fun, such that when you come out of it, you can be more fun at work.

Jesus had his times of solitude. The Bible had accounts of him withdrawing from the crowd. I believe we all need it too. Recognize, plan and commit. My husband too has his me-time spent mostly on reading and coffee, that’s without a makulit na wife. The busy world can be a whirlpool of duties. A 2-hour break I guess would be healthy and beneficial.


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