What Daniel Tells Judah

Whether we like it or not, our tongue holds the power of life and death. How? The words we say can either crush a person or build up. Still not convinced? Try recalling a moment when you were just a child and harsh words were spoken to you. The thing is, we may have forgotten some of our childhood experiences but not the harsh words spoken to you.

The good news is that we can choose to receive these words spoken to us or not. As the one who speaks, choose as well to speak life not death. Choose to speak blessings not curses.

When Judah was still in my tummy, my husband already started talking to him as soon as we knew I was pregnant and his ears were developing already. Upto now, Daniel speaks words of truth and encouragement to him. He whispers 2 most important things – I love you and I am proud of you.

As parents, we want Judah to know that he is loved and we are proud of him not based on what he does but on who he is, he is our son. We don’t want Judah to grow up seeking approval and acceptance by performing. Performance will not be associated with how we relate to him because he has nothing to prove. He is loved no matter what.

Daniel learned about this when he attended Every Nation Conference in Florida last year. In the Bible, before Jesus even began his ministry, when he was baptized God His Father said, “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.” This is God sealing His approval to Jesus.

It’s not too late to speak words of blessings and life to people most especially to our children. I pray that we will be good stewards with the time and authority that God has given us to help the next generation reach their potential and propel them to greatness for His glory.





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