Live for the Audience of One

I cannot believe that the last time I blogged was last March. So here’s a fresh entry!

I am so blogging again because…
I wanna share my mommy stories.
I wanna inspire mommies.
I wanna celebrate mommyhood.

Lately I’ve been pressured to “perfect” the way I do things in the house, as a wife, as a mom, most especially in house chores. I have to do this and that ahead of time, it’s like I am beating a deadline. I noticed that even in giving Judah a bath, it’s like a race. Put the lotion, cut his nails, put him to sleep, clean the bottles AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Who’s pressuring me anyway? Me.

I miss the unhurried life. It’s funny because now that I stay mostly at home, compared when I was working, I am more challenged with doing my quiet time, slowing down a bit. And that is very contrary to the “myth of a stay-at-home mom,” that she isn’t doing anything. It’s actually the opposite! My hands are so full! (And that’s just one child)

Adjusting? I have not create a system yet?

Possible. But ONE THING that God reminded me the other day is a statement emphasized in a book I love “Yes I’m a Pastor’s Wife.” It says there- LIVE FOR THE AUDIENCE OF ONE.

For once I felt like a bottle of soda being opened, released of the pressures inside. The pressure of the world is a reality and we need not add to it pressures, expectations inside of us.

Live for the Audience of One. God is the One watching me. What pleases God? No pressure. Just living to please God.

And suddenly there’s peace. Hmmm.

{I find refuge in You alone my God}

Enjoying a cone of chocolate chip cookie dough while havin’ a walk in my new favorite mall with Daniel and Judah at almost 11 in the evening…precious hour. šŸ˜Š


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