The Non-Sacrificial Mom


Judah at 5 days old

This tiny bun is 11 months old today!

As a mom of an active boy plus a preggy belly of 16 weeks, I can say that God has given me sooo much grace for the season. And this is most probably to prepare me for greater challenges once the little baby (who is a boy btw) is out.

Though motherhood is a noble role/task (and calling), like any other roles/tasks, it CANNOT be placed on a pedestal. Only One is worthy to be placed on a pedestal and that is our Lord JESUS.

We are familiar with the phrase, the sacrifices of a mom. In all fairness, a mom really goes through a lot from pregnancy, labor, delivery to parenting and of course the happenings in between (physically, emotionally, mentally). Moms go through a lot of transitions.

Sacrifice is defined as, “the act of giving up something that you want to keep.” The problem though when we think sacrifice is that we would always think (and feel like) giving up something the moment we are called to do so. And when we “give up” something, two things are magnified- ourselves and that something we are giving up.

Service Not Sacrifice
I would like to change the perspective of motherhood from sacrifice to service. A mom serves her children and there is no loss in it. When I had Judah, I experienced sleepless nights, I’ve had (and still having) the longest leave from work, I turned down some events of friends, some meetings and opportunities. Sacrifice? No. I am simply walking the path where God is directing me and has intended me to be. There is no loss.

In the first place, only the blameless is worthy to become a sacrifice. In the olden times, only a healthy, unblemished lamb would pass for a religious sacrifice.

Unless we realize the sacrifice that Jesus has made 2000 years ago, we will always feel like doing sacrifices rather than taking delight in the path that God has for us. We can serve because He served us first. We can love because He loved us first. We can give, give, give because He came to give us life to the full.

Beautiful Obedience
I am reminded of a Bible verse that says “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” Answering the call of God for motherhood is obedience to Him. Take delight in it. Embrace and enjoy motherhood today!

Do I look like I’m making a LOT of sacrifices here?


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