How To Organize (…so not to agonize)

I am not an expert in organizing but I want to share a few tools on how I make homemaking simpler. House chores can become overwhelming at times especially when they pile up like Mt. Everest. First things first, I do not work well with a loooong random to-do list do-it-whenever kind of thing. If I do this, I surely end up dropping the ball and my husband has seen this a lot of times, probably frustrated him a lot of times as well. The calendar has been a basic tool for me. There are actually tons of apps and trackers but I’m not including them here. So here’s my top 4 in putting order at home.

1. Weekly planner
Trace when you are and are not at home. Certain tasks can be easily divided only into the days when you’re home, as some errands can be accomplished when you’re out. Write down non-negotiable tasks for your week and designate it on a specific day. It can look like this:

Monday- laundry (Judah’s)
Tuesday- pay bills*
Friday- laundry (his & hers)
Saturday- out
Sunday- out, grocery

*We pay all of our bills online so it can be done at home.
I cook whenever at home & when we’re out and have no plans to eat out I prepare baon. On non-busy-looking days I make sure I take Judah to the playground in the afternoon. When I can squeeze in a little cleaning at home I also do but with no pressure. (I have a helper who comes only Saturdays to clean the house and press clothes for us).

With this, you’ve already created a routine.

2. Monthly planner
Weekly planner is about routines, monthly planner is about big priorities. It helps a lot when you see the big picture. It’s easier to say yes or no to things when priorities has been marked on dates, and this way you will have lesser tendencies of putting too much load on each month/week/day. It can be that 3-day out-of-town trip or that monthly meeting you cannot miss or a loved one’s birthday or as for me, that check-up with Ob-Gynecologist and Pediatrician.

3. Menu planning
Yes this is helpful. I found it overrated at first and I thought it’s only for chef wives/moms who have that culinary skill to plan for a weekly menu but this tool has saved a lot of money, food and energy. Money- no vegetables become overriped and thrown away because I forgot to use them. I recently found overripe tomatoes in my fridge and it’s because I missed on using it because it’s not in the menu in the first place. Food- no leftovers are wasted. Energy- you only have to take 1 trip to the market, grocery or supermarket weekly, and did I say it saves you a lot of parking fees as well?

4. Grocery list
Going to the grocery unarmed with this is silent chaos. It gives you a lot of brain activity while going around every corner of the store, and end up buying things you don’t need and not buying the things you actually need. It’s like playing a memory game bec you’re trying to recall what’s lacking or almost lacking in your pantry, fridge, etc. The list makes shopping a breeze and can save you a lot of time and energy (very helpful for moms who tag along little ones with them).

All of these strategies can sound tedious but I can say, personally, it has made my life simpler. It helps me that I jot down and unload my thoughts and plans. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed with tasks running in my head.

I hope you’re inspired to make homemaking simpler. What can you add to the list? Please share your creativity. 😊


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