I have been reading this book and I must say that my favorite chapter is “An Unhurried Life.” Beautifully written by John Ortberg, he introduces the practice of “slowing.”

You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.

I wake up each morning, immediately thinking of my tasks for the day. Sometimes skipping breakfast, sometimes skipping my time of prayer and Bible reading.

We suffer from what has come to be known as “hurry sickness.” One of the great illusions of our day is that hurrying will buy us more time.

We compromise quality because of hurrying. We feel like we are “ahead” of time in terms of our tasks but the truth is our motherhood tasks are endless. One will pile after the other. The list goes on and on.

Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.

We feel guilty when we rest. We think it’s unproductive. It is our decision if we rest a while. God has a purpose for rest. It actually draws us back to Him realizing that we cannot do everything. To whom are we doing things for? To whom are we toiling?

We want to microwave maturity.

Judah can be my teacher for an unhurried life. First of all, he doesn’t have any sense of time yet. He probably knows when to get hungry or figures when the sun is gone and it calls for bedtime. But a baby will not hurry to eat or drink or pee or play. He just does things and enjoys them. I am learning further that the heart of a child is hurry-free.

As we practice them, we should tell God we are trusting Him to enable us to accomplish all we need to get done.

Ortberg gives the symptoms for the hurry-sickness- constantly speeding up daily activities, multiple-tasking, clutter, superficiality, an inability to love, sunset fatigue. And proposes the cure for it- the practice of slowing and solitude.

We will discover we can survive without hurry. If we practice these ways diligently enough, we will become unhurried people.

I hope you can grab or borrow a copy of this book and read on this chapter. Quotations are all from the book. It greatly changed my perspective. I will end with my personal revelation. Relationships flourish when we are not in a hurry- our relationship with the Lord and our relationship with others.

{May you help us Lord, cherish and savor moments, pleasures, seasons and learnings. May hurry be not a part of our lives especially when there’s no reason to rush. May we fully put our trust in you because we are not in control, You are.}

Happy Tuesday!


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