Magnum Manila

Pregnancy and cravings, they just go together especially on the 2nd trimester. I don’t always give in. But last night were cookies, ice cream and chocolate. Me and my husband are fond of eating dinner at home and enjoying a coffee or pastry afterwards outside home. It’s like “saving the best for last” after a day’s work and chores, a time of relaxation for me & hubby.

This is for the win! A bit pricey at 300Php for a practical me. But oh well, worth it. Plus I could afford it bec we cooked dinner at home (wink wink).




Who cares about eyebags? I just care for dessert. Believe me I had powder & lipstick here.

Daniel looks ecstatic about the cookie dough. Judah looks suspicious about the water. Family is indeed fun!

Judah is officially turning into a toddler in 2 weeks. With so much energy, he loves to practice walking already. So give him what he wants til he gets tired and dozes off to sleep. That’s a smart parenting move. A relaxing day indeed.

A blissful weekend to everyone!


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