Judah Learns How to Pray

Last week during Judah’s playtime, he outrightly disobeyed me. I already said “no” and “do not touch” as he approached the electric fan that was turned on. With a smiling face, he still touched it.

My husband and I both uphold discipline at home and we have agreed to implement it to our children as soon as they start displaying self-will and disobedience. So I corrected him and disciplined him, and afterwards restored him to me and to God. I carried him and told him like I usually do, “Ok let’s pray…”

Before I was even able to continue with my prayer, Judah put his hands together and started uttering his own “words” oh-ah-ah-ooh-ah-oooh which showed the sincerest prayer of sorrow and repentance (if I may say). I can say even his eyes were sincere, his whole being and countenance. I actually saw a little human being praying to God.

After letting him pray, I just continued on to say “Yes Lord, may you give Judah an obedient heart, always, and may he love You, in Jesus’ Name, amen. I was astonished. I got me into tears.

What struck me is that I never taught him how to pray in an external sense like close your eyes or bow your head or put your hands together. Daniel and I have decided to parent our child in the ways of the Lord minus traditions. We want them to catch early that Christianity is more internal than external. Traditions may become a part someday but our priority is the heart. Hence, focusing on the heart of prayer.

Judah is turning 1 in few days. It IS our prayer that he will come to know (love and follow) Jesus at an early age. I do not know where he caught the putting of hands together part, but I believe that the sincere words part he caught it at home. I hope so.

I am more encouraged to live a life worthy of the Gospel, in a manner that pleases God. Am I living the example of daily obedience to God such that my children will bear witness and benefit on the fruits of it? Am I living a life of prayer? Is my heart directed towards God as I pray or has it become an external thing?

I hope that we will flourish more in our relationship with God that it will create a great Godly impact in the next generation most especially to the little ones we are discipling at home.

{I pray that they will never grow familiar to the ways of Christianity but will be able to grasp the heart of every practice and that their hearts will be drawn nearer God each day.}

A blessed October to all!



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