Before You Were Born…

I could ~

1. Go into the toilet, peaceful and quiet and have my own moment of solitude.
Now, you just follow me everywhere and cry if you don’t see me and don’t mind opening the bathroom door into poopy atmosphere, just to see me. Then you give me a smile.

2. Take a shower before my husband goes home.
I promise to myself I will take a shower on your naptime but it just doesn’t happen because I have “more important” things to do, like eat potato chips while on Facebook.

3. Care less about a crying baby.
There’s this newborn cry where you need my warm embrace so you can be pacified. As you’ve grown I discovered the I’m-stuck cry, I’m-bored cry, angry cry, bad dream cry and all sorts of cries!

4. Spend a Friday night-out and go home so late.
After a day full of playtimes, all I wanna do is to finally fall in bed with you and snore to sleep. You even give me hugs now to sleep. It is one of the sweetest things in life, though challenging, to play with you the whole day, read books to you and fix the mess you just made after fixing a previous mess.

And speaking of mess…
5. Not leave the house without making it clean to go home to.
I realized that what makes a home are the human beings living in it- not the degree of its cleanliness. Human beings include little humans and that is you. Taking care of you may have hindered me from doing the dishes or the laundry on time and may have caused me to forget to wipe that smear of mashed potato on your high chair, but it’s worth it.

You introduced me to a world of rough plays, saliva bubbles, wet kisses, nose-biting, pulling my hair and lots of movement- crawling, cruising, standing, punching, reaching, climbing, rolling as you discover your gift of wonder, adventure and extra-flexibility.

Judah, my firstborn, you rock my world. Happy first birthday, welcome to the toddler world!


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