Refreshing Pleasures

This week has been very refreshing for me and my family. We were blessed to have been invited to attend Every Nation Campus Staff Summit 2014 in Camp John Hay, Baguio.

Away from errands and house chores, I found myself lying in linens with probably the highest thread count, fluffy pillows, waking up to a hot shower and hearty breakfast, perfect for the pine-scented chilly weather. Ok, I heart Baguio. For the first time (in forever), my stress-free hands are only taking care of Daniel and Judah and nothing else. Thanks to housekeeping. Three days of pleasure. I then thought of how the world has distorted our view of pleasure.

Because the world has its way of offering pleasure through sin, it has come to a point where the world has made us believe in a God who is not for our pleasure, like an angry insecure God. We easily associate pleasure with sin such that when we experience pleasure, we feel guilty even if it’s legitimate. We feel challenged to believe that God offers pleasure.

The greatest pleasure that we will ever experience is a relationship with God. Talk about the original set-up: God, man, woman, garden. The design was to probably wake up in the most pleasurable presence of God in the midst of butterflies and singing birds and flowers and trees (at least for a woman’s view, haha). Probably in a man’s view is heading to your workplace fully loaded with animals to name, with joy that comes from a Creator Who is your strength, and Who has also entrusted the work to you.

Do not get me wrong. I believe that life has its sufferings that produce character, but it’s not all that. God is also for our pleasure. The Bible says that He provides everything for our enjoyment.

I can think of two characteristics about the pleasure that comes from God:
1. Pleasure that is significant.
God is a God of purpose. He gives us pleasure only to point toward His glory, for His glory and honor alone.

2. Pleasure that came with a price.
We can only enjoy a pleasurable relationship with God because Jesus died for our sins. Jesus paid the price for our enjoyment.

During our stay, I have such a vast revelation of pleasure that some of it I can no longer put into words. It is too broad to discuss and who knows I might write a whole book about it! I am not even sure if I have given justice in the way I wrote in this blog about how God wants us to have pleasure.
Anyways, after sharing these thoughts to my husband this morning, I was reminded about my life verse.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11 ESV)

Perhaps this is the language that God has used to communicate to me that it is okay to enjoy. Maybe I have forgotten how to enjoy. I am glad I didn’t just come out refreshed from Baguio physically but also spiritually.


2 thoughts on “Refreshing Pleasures

  1. A good read you have here, Char! I’ve to admit I’m struggling with the theology of vacation. I feel guilty when I travel. Lol!! Think of money.. Instead of giving it for the advancement of His kingdom, I spend it away with my own personal wants to see the world which truly makes me feel human. Hahaha!! I find it selfish.. But then again, no work and all play makes me a dull lady. So really, there is a tension. Can you shed more light to my already confused mind? Haha

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