Jet Lag Keepsakes

We just moved from Manila to Chicago. Long story why and how but the big 13-hour leap to a different time zone has challenged me more than usual because I have a toddler. It usually takes me a week to fully adjust to the new time zone. Blessed though, I found my body clock more obedient to nature this time. It wasn’t a tough plane ride especially that we have a child, thanks to ever courteous Korean Air for the leg room and free extra seat for the little man. Arriving in Chicago last Monday, finally I could rest!

Then the little man wasn’t adjusting like the momma. The dad collapses in bed and I am left with an active boy oozing with energy and power, tossing and throwing his stacking cups, discovering the headboard and the painting behind the headboard, endless babbling at 1 AM and…

“Da-da…play.” At this time, he went to his dad, tapped him and JUST CONSTRUCTED HIS FIRST SENTENCE.

He continued to play and slept around 5 AM and though I felt like a zombie (couldn’t count the hours I had no sleep), it’s one jet lag experience I surely won’t forget!

There are treasures in unexpected places. There are fruits in every season. Let not your heart be hardened by plans and patterns. {Thank you Lord for using jet lag to bring a precious gift of memory with my son.}


A beautiful adventure is truly ahead! 🙂


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