Training Grounds

Judah is still learning how to walk. He can take a step or 2 without holding on to anything then sits down. He has gotten better compared when we were still at our 49-sqm-condo in Manila. I noticed that when we moved to Chicago at a much bigger house, his skills also expanded. He learned how to move up and down the stairs without anyone’s aid (but still with my supervision of course!), he is crawling faster and cruising more.

It’s the same with our faith. We are moved to a bigger (not literally) territory, with bigger challenges hoping for bigger outcomes that expand our faith during the process. Faith increases to higher levels. Whatever season you are in is a preparation for the next. When we thought we have mastered it, a new discomfort comes not to sap out our faith but only to strengthen and reinforce it.

Before David became the king, he killed Goliath using a slingshot. Before he killed Goliath, he killed creatures that were threats to the sheep. A shepherd boy, youngest and seemingly disregarded in his family, he was also sent to the battlefield not to fight but to send grain, loaves and cheese to his brothers. At the time when David must have felt the least, his potential was released and kills the giant. God sees your potential. Yes, even in your trials, distresses and discouragement.

David slayed the giant but it was not the end. It appears to be a training ground again for the next level of faith to arise. He faced wars, even death threats, but they only made him closer to God. We can read all of those in his psalms.

Training grounds are where hearts are developed. Pick up treasures in your training such as perseverance, character and hope. Judah will eventually learn to walk. He will no longer be walking just around the house but will walk to different places and explore many nations! My prayer is that he will always choose to walk with God.

What is your training ground today? I pray that you’ll gain a new perspective in your comforts and challenges, because growth is ahead! Happy Monday!


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