What’s there to like about transitions?

Not everybody will love periods of transitions. Transitions can give us feelings of uncertainty. One of the best-selling books on pregnancy is What To Expect When You’re Expecting, probably because no one wants to stay anxious not knowing what to expect once you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is actually a 9-month transition period from no belly to having a baby. An engaged person is likewise facing a transition period from being a single to a married person.

Despite the feelings transition can give us, we can decide how to respond to it. Here are some of my learnings about transitions.

-are set only for a span of time and will finally end. We might as well grab the opportunity to learn from what it brings.
-are preparations. Imagine not being prepared for the battle that’s ahead. They say that half of a battle is won in preparations.
-usher us to something new! It can be a new season, new place or new role.

For these reasons, I find transitions exciting! As I always say, it’s all about perspectives. We can sometimes be myopic and tend to be overfocused on the destination and forget to enjoy the journey that comes prior to it.

Early in my first pregnancy, I had subchorionic hemorrhage, a condition that required me to be off from work for some time and have bed rest. At first I was rattled and I wasn’t compliant to my doctor’s orders. I believed I could still move safe enough for me and my baby and did not appreciate everytime my husband would correct me on this. Obviously I was being impatient and hardheaded on the process where God has placed me. Aside from the natural adjustments my body was transitioning into becoming a mother, God was concerned with my character. Patience would soon be one of the characters that will sustain me in mothering. When my baby came out, I wanted so much of the bed rest I resisted before but this time I couldn’t because of all the demands of a helpless baby who soiled his diapers and who was hungry every 2 hours. A 3-hour straight sleep was a gem.

I believe God has purposed transitions in our lives to teach us valuable lessons to equip us for what’s ahead. You can be transitioning into a young wife, a mother, a college student, a young professional, a new place, a new job, whatever it is, cherish the transition and enjoy it! Most importantly, respond in a way that pleases God. It is all for His Glory.


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